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Group Homes


RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS: The purpose of the residential programs is to provide a daily training environment specifically for the developmentally disabled residents who previously resided in institutions. The intent is to provide training and the opportunity to maximize social and community living skills, thus avoiding the need for, or the return to, institutions. Macomb Family Services has ten group homes and eight independent apartments (SIPS) located throughout Macomb County.

The residential programs offer to each resident a highly individualized learning and living environment within a structured daily routine and family-oriented home setting. The staff of the home treat each resident as individuals with unique needs and abilities, and help each resident to attain their highest potential in community living skills.

The residents in the home attend a variety of day programs, which range from sheltered workshops to independent work settings. On the weekends and during the evening hours, the residents engage in various activities from going to the show, out to eat, shopping, dancing, bowling, to staying at home and watching videos. The staff makes every effort to have the residents do as many activities as possible. Some family members are very involved with the residents and the clients have family visits.


In April of 1988, the Stone Street Richmond Fairweather Lodge opened. The lodge is a residential mental health program where, through peer support, decision making, and a member owned business, the lodge members move toward becoming independent.

To become a member of the lodge, individuals must have a chronic mental illness, be screened by the existing lodge members (usually including a two-week trial visit), and be accepted by the members. Candidates for placement are referred by community mental health, these candidates for placement usually come directly from Clinton Valley Center, the state psychiatric center, or community hospitals. The lodge has capacity for eight people.


Assists and supervises mentally impaired adults in skill building and general activities at the Workshop, as well as assignments made by Director or Program Supervisor. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Administer medications.
  • Supervise and assist clients with their daily work activities.
  • Assure appropriate behavior in the community
  • Assist in building social skills Implement daily work programming.
  • Transport clients to and from homes and worksites.
  • Carry out daily assignments including: pick up and delivery of newspapers, loading and unloading of newspapers, close assistance to workers delivering papers and assistance in folding papers.
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